Ahd Niazy

Ahd Niazy is a writer, a daughter, a student, and a fierce advocate of choice. She's interested in social entrepreneurship, identity as it relates to art, and women’s initiatives in the Middle East. Ahd recently graduated from Emory University, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture and Society. Ahd currently resides in Atlanta and aspires to further her studies in the fields of gender and culture in the near future. Ahd is the founder and editor-in-chief of Jahanamiya.


Arabic Tongues and English Ears

Creative Non-Fiction
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“When men ask me where I am from, I make them guess. It gives me pleasure to watch their eyebrows furrow, their lips twitch as they search for clues on my face as though it were a map.”

When a Man Dies


“We mourn in a single room. Beneath the dirty window, / a mother plays idly with the hand of her smallest child, / taking tiny palm between her own, & pushing down…”