Iman AlDabbagh

Iman is a self-taught documentary photographer from Jeddah whose works focus on issues that are a blend of societal observations and personal experience; displacement, national and ethnic identity, self-image, gender and women’s stories are some of the topics she exhibits through her work. She’s also a professional kids photographer @kisphotosbyiman. Her #wheres_layla project that started in 2012 explores the early blur of motherhood and chronicles her child’s humor and experiences. In 2016, Iman received a grant for the Arab Documentary Photography Program (sponsored by Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Magnum Foundation, and Prince Claus Fund) for her project on daring artists in Saudi Arabia. Iman is currently freelancing between Jeddah and Sarajevo. She’s a regular contributor at The Everyday Projects @EverydayMiddleEast and @EverydayEasternEurope

The Gardner by Iman Al Dabbagh

The Gardner

Creative Non-Fiction
Although I’ve put an extra sweater on, I’m still soaking from that walk to the supermarket. London seems to be eternally cold and wet in April. As I walk towards our kitchen, a familiar melody journeys down the hall to greet me. I set the bag of groceries on the wooden floor, finding Baba at [...]