Shaker Kashgari

Shaker Kashgari, is a half Saudi & half Moroccan Arabic Calligrapher who is based in Jeddah. He started the art of Arabic Calligraphy in 2013, starting with Diwani & Farsi as a start, then he switched to: Freestyle, Kufi Square, Al-Wissam, Light Calligraphy, and Arabic Chinese Style as artistic fields. Shaker has participated in 4 exhibitions in (Jeddah & Riyadh) with Athr Gallery, Tashkeil & Behance and 1 in Sharjah. He enjoys merging the art of Arabic Calligraphy with other arts, especially photography.

Shaker Khashgari



علمتني العشق
شكرًا لك أستاذي
علمتني الهوى
لك مني تحية
لقنتني درسا عنوانه الألم