Alaa Alshalan

Alaa is an accountant student. She was the representative of her college because she loves helping people. She's very much an outgoing, bubbly person. She's fond of books. As a matter of fact, she prefers books over people. She loves the archaic beauty that the Arabic language represents. Her favorite movie is Clueless and she might've watched it over 1,000 times.


وأد البنات لم ينتهي

Creative Non-Fiction

أكدت لي قصص الفتيات التي أسمعها بشكل شبه يومي بان وأد البنات بالجاهلية لم ينتهي بل تحول من وأد جسدي إلى نفسي، ففي يومنا الحالي بدلا من دفن جسدها للموت تدفن إرادتها وروحها وكيانها أمامها حية