Jahanamiya accepts submissions of writing and artwork four times a year. Each of our issues is based on a theme, and the theme of the upcoming issue (which we are currently accepting submissions for) can be found below. To recommend a theme to Jahanamiya, please write us here.

Upcoming theme: Movement

Jahanamiya wants to explore the concept of movement in relation to Saudi women in our next issue. This “movement” can be physical or metaphorical. From moving between places, moving our bodies in moments of sport or dance, or moving to and from emotional stages and spaces in life. We want to hear about your most meaningful experiences of movement!


تستعرض جهنمية في عددها القادم مفهوم “الحركة” لدى النساء السعوديات. هذه الحركة قد تكون فعلية كحركة الجسم أو الرياضة أو التنقل من مكان إلى آخر أو مجازية كالحراك الفكري والعاطفي الذي ينقلنا من مكان لمكان و من زمان لزمان. في عددنا القادم نتشوق لسماع تجاربكن ومفهومكن عن “الحركة”!