Jahanamiya accepts submissions of writing and artwork. We do not allow simultaneous submissions for writing. It may take us 4-6 weeks to get back to you once you have submitted writing to us.

Each of our issues is based on a theme, and the theme of the upcoming issue (which we are currently accepting submissions for) can be found below. To recommend a theme to Jahanamiya, please write us here.

Upcoming theme: Women’s Leadership

Jahanamiya is focusing its next issue on the gritty Saudi women driving the change and leading us towards a better and brighter Saudi society.

Send us a submission about the project you built from the ground up, or the most challenging obstacles you’ve faced as a female professional. Write to us about your experiences with failure and success, sharing what you’ve learned from them both. Commemorate the moments where you have felt strong, empowered, and proud of yourself – the moments you realized your limitless potential and drive.

Send us your submissions by Friday October 5th.

 موضوع العدد القادم:  قائدات

تدعوكم مجلة جهنمية للمشاركة في عددها القادم الذي يدور حول موضوع قيادة المرأة … ليس فقط قيادة المركبة!

اكتبي لنا عن مشروع نفذتيه أو برنامج قمت بإدارته، عبري لنا عن لحظات النجاح ولحظات الفشل وعن العقبات التي تجاوزتها والدروس التي تعلمتها. احكي لنا عن المواقف والأوقات التي اكتشفت فيها قدرتك وقوتك وشعرت فيها بأنك متمكنة وأنك قدها وقدود…

.نرجو إرسال مشاركاتكم قبل يوم الجمعة ٥ أكتوبر