Dahlia Baeshen

Dahlia explores topics that are sometimes controversial, whether it be about social issues, gender inequality or diving deep into the psychological realm. At the same time she weaves in the surreal and the magical. She is an expert at crafting fantastical worlds that are full of color and charm. She is very passionate, not only in her writing, but in experiencing life. She studied Global Communications and Film studies in the American University of Paris and Creative Writing in California College of the Arts in San Francisco. She is interested in human development, culture and the arts.


The Driving Spiral

When Eid repeats in Nightmares I’m in the London underground and the train stops at Shepherd’s Bush. I’m scared. I’m not familiar with London, but in the dream I am. I walk out and I see grey lambs, mammoths and roosters marching their way out the station. It’s stifling and packed and I get lost [...]