Dalyaah Yassin

Dalyaah Yassin is a Palestinian artist and sociologist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Practicing art therapy, social development, and creative program facilitation, as well as her own visual works often focus on strength and inner growth by embracing feminine energy. Today she is active with her photography project - GODDESS as well as her installation work “Crossing borders Crushing walls”, where the artist built a brick wall and tore it down. In her work she speaks about being a Palestinian woman in a western country. The universe is a recurring concept in her art as she uses it to speak of overcoming boundaries and limitations.


The Tracks of Birds


Waves break and scatter the birds tracking hash marks in Arabian Gulf sand. Water washes the shore, all is as before patient and clean. Car doors jar the reverie, a party moves in stages onto the beach: a dancing boy produces a rug; a singing girl, a thermos of tea. Across my horizon a veiled […]