Hatem AlAhmad

Born in 1998, Lives and works in Abha, Saudi Arabia. Known for his unique style in painting, Al Ahmad combines the legacies of surrealism, figuration and Pop with visual traditions, incorporating the colours and detailing of international arts and crafts in his work. Fascinated with everyday reality, he regularly paints portraits that weave through different narratives and episodes of daily life. The use of colour in his compositions reflects his own sensibilities and psychological states, exploring the ambiguity of his imagination and its representation on the pictorial plane. The figures in his paintings, sometimes in the guise of characters, display complex allegorical ideas. Reflecting on society and the condition of the world that surrounds him, his paintings seem to present aesthetic and personal preoccupations. Wars, famines and migration are some of the subjects emphasised. Referencing social practices and historical traditions from diverse contexts, Al Ahmad creates transhistorical and transnational bridges, engaging with multiple contexts at the same time. Part of his objective is to allow the viewer to question culture and materiality and the condition of contemporary society.

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