Lujain AlKhateeb

Lujain is 27 years old. She fell in love with writing over 20 years ago and identifies as a writer and as a book dragon*. She’s always on the lookout for delicious prose, and she’s currently writing her debut novel Three Words while balancing the mothering of two little girls. Lujain also translates press releases, writes newsletter articles, and more for Phenomenal PR & Events from the comfort of her living room couch. She learned to crochet by watching YouTube, and she loves to paint, sing and binge on Pinterest. *the badass version of bookworm.


أحرف اسمي

Creative Non-Fiction

إذا ما تطيعني طاعة عمياء حأرميك في ملجأ الأيتام وأغير اسمك لزعبول المنكحاوي عشان أهل أمك ما يلاقوك وينقذوك" صرخها بوجهي في إحدى نوبات غضبه…