Yusef AlAhmad

Yusef Alahmad is a Saudi graphic designer and artist based in San Francisco, California while completing his MFA degree in graphic design at the Academy of Art University. Yusef’s work is colorful and usually consists of Arabic typography and patterns. He also enjoys printmaking and mixing different media to come up with unique results. He often describes his work as a combination of his past and present - inspired by traditional elements from his childhood and Saudi background fused with influences from his present life in the US.


أحرف اسمي

Creative Non-Fiction

إذا ما تطيعني طاعة عمياء حأرميك في ملجأ الأيتام وأغير اسمك لزعبول المنكحاوي عشان أهل أمك ما يلاقوك وينقذوك" صرخها بوجهي في إحدى نوبات غضبه…