Layal Niazy

The occasional writer, expert doodler, food lover, swim coach, terrible singer, and mediocre comedian. Layal Niazy is also a devoted daughter and loving sister. She is from Saudi Arabia, although she has lived in the states for many years while growing up. She is currently pursuing her degree in international relations at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Layal mostly writes realistic fiction, and she hopes to pursue writing as a hobby.


Meeting Reem

Creative Non-Fiction

I shift my position for about the seventh time in the last hour while the tiny screen before me alerts me of the time remaining on the trip: five more hours. I cannot help but feel suffocated while staring at the neat array of uncomfortable navy blue seats to my right. Being seated in one […]

Burdensome Boys


I woke to the dreadful sound of drilling right outside my bedroom wall for the sixth time this week. The difference between today and the other days was that today was a Saturday – the only day of the week when I actually could sleep in, but alas here was my sleep being ruined.

Nights of New


“I crept to my bedroom door and pushed my ear against it. No sound. Good…they’re all still asleep! I returned to my post at the bathroom mirror, and put the final touches…”

The Month of Eating

Creative Non-Fiction

“Guests claimed their seats at the dining room table, shuffling around to sit beside one another and moving all the kids to one side of the table. As this happened, exclamations over the feast before us could be heard.”