Maha Khalawi

Maha is a Graphic Designer, an artist, an entrepreneur, a logical creative, if that paradox exists. Her work is inspired by both daydreams and night dreams. She has a soft spot for start-ups, frozen yogurt, and a good book on the beach.

A Different Species by Nada Purlo

Different Species

Creative Non-Fiction
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Saudi women have a complicated relationship with men, to say the least. Primarily, we’re taught to respect our fathers, to trust them and the leadership of our patriarchs without question.

Salon of Approval

Creative Non-Fiction

“They were always talking about destinations – losing a few pounds, getting a higher professional position, or perhaps trips to Paris, London, or Istanbul. They talked fearlessly about what they wanted…”

An Acquired Taste

Creative Non-Fiction

“It takes a while to get used to such brutal honesty in a world full of mujamalat and friendliness so superficial it borderlines the surreal. “Prozac nation,” my sister calls it.”