Modia Batterjee

Dr. Modia Batterjee has long provided a voice of advocacy and support in the international health community. She has served as an educator, teaching classes for college students, mothers, and healthcare workers. Dr. Batterjee is also an active entrepreneur, whose ventures include the Albidayah Breastfeeding Resource and Women's Awareness Center, Date Middle East and the Beejewel Boutique a cause-oriented jewelry brand that supports compassion, resilience and community through philanthropic contributions.


Sword Bearing Woman

Creative Non-Fiction

“The story, as it had been told to me, begins at St John’s Mercy Hospital in St Louis, Missouri. “Time of delivery: 7:00 am,” announced the male obstetrician gynecologist.”

Coffee in Air

Creative Non-Fiction

“I carefully sip the steaming drink, aware of the caffeine entering my bloodstream and aware of the fact that I am on an airplane, the thrill of traveling hits me. My favorites flights are outbound – exiting my country.”