Mohammed Naseem

Mo[hammed] Nassem is a designer, artist, and writer from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and currently based in Los Angeles, CA. His work is an amalgam of typography and wordplay rendered into effective visual solutions and expressive language. He holds a BFA from Boston University (2016) and MFA from RISD (2019), both in Graphic Design. He has been a guest a guest critic at Boston University. His work has been recognized by the AIGA, Type Directors Club, and Communication Arts.


وأد البنات لم ينتهي

Creative Non-Fiction

أكدت لي قصص الفتيات التي أسمعها بشكل شبه يومي بان وأد البنات بالجاهلية لم ينتهي بل تحول من وأد جسدي إلى نفسي، ففي يومنا الحالي بدلا من دفن جسدها للموت تدفن إرادتها وروحها وكيانها أمامها حية

Coffee in Air

Creative Non-Fiction

“I carefully sip the steaming drink, aware of the caffeine entering my bloodstream and aware of the fact that I am on an airplane, the thrill of traveling hits me. My favorites flights are outbound – exiting my country.”